Monday, 14 January 2019

A few photos from Terry's funeral. The funeral director suggested a bespoke printed coffin, so we thought we would adorn it with images of some of the characters he created or drew through his career. At the end of the funeral service, we asked all the mourners to write their final tributes to Terry onto the coffin. There were some lovely loving comments. Some people even coloured in some of the characters. We felt is was just what Terry would have loved.
There will be an editorial obituary in The Times.
I would love to thank all the bloggers out there who have posted loving tributes over the past month.
All the best,
(Terry's son).


  1. Dear Shiela, Russel, All,

    Apologies for the delay, and, however obvious, I hadn't realized the blog was the place to go (no to my credit). Sincerest condoleances! We visited Shiela and Terry in the IoW in 2006 with my children, the year my mother, and their close and old friend, passed away. It is a fond memory we share here with the daughters (my son was a bit small at the time). I actually went and bought the book on Lulu.
    Keep well, we are fond of you !

  2. How are you Francois? What are you up to now?

  3. Russell, I've 'phoned Primrose House a few times to ask after your mother since Terry died, and sent a few cards just so she knew she hadn't been forgotten. However, when I called recently to make sure she hadn't moved, they would only say that she was no longer there, but wouldn't tell me whether she was yet alive or had passed. Is she still with us, and if so, where should I send my Christmas card to her? Ta much. If she has passed, please accept my condolences and I hope my enquiry isn't a source of pain.