Friday, 11 January 2013

Cartoons and Comics Strips from Terry Bave

It's publication day!

Terry's new book, Cartoons and Comics, with over three hundred pages of reminiscences, artwork and original cartoons is available from Lulu. It's £12.74 (plus p&p) and absolutely packed with artwork dating from 1947 onwards.

Last year, feeling a bit twitchy after entering retirement and moving house, Terry decided to write a memoir of his life as a professional artist, both as a cartoonist and drawing for comics. He had documented a life punctuated by drawing cartoons, from amusing his classmates and teachers at school until the present day, when he still designs and draws unique cards for his family. He has been associated with many iconic characters, and tells of creating new characters as well as advancing established ones. He was fortunate to be drawing in the heyday of comics, from the sixties on, and has documented their rise and fall. Packed with his own drawings from magazines, newspapers and comics, the book demonstrates his art. With, of course, the help of: